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Fire Assay Flux
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Fire Assay Flux

KLEN International is the global leader in the manufacture and supply of premium quality fire assay fluxes for the mining and geochemical assay laboratory markets.

Our QA/QC regime guarantees gold levels <1.5ppb in all fluxes and silver levels <0.17ppm in assay grade (silver free) fluxes making KLEN the ideal choice for low level detection assays. Every batch of KLEN flux is analysed at a 17025 accredited laboratory ensuring a premium product is supplied every time. With every batch manufactured, KLEN issues a Certificate of Analysis specifying: lead button size and silver prill as well as gold levels present in both the litharge and flux. KLEN International's fluxes can be tailored to your specific requirements, using your preference of either powder or granular litharge, the option of integrated silver as well as a variety of packaging options that we have available. If you require an MSDS for one of your fluxes or would like more information, please contact us.

Silver Free

KLEN International’s quality control systems and manufacturing processes are world class ensuring silver levels are <0.17ppm and gold levels are <1.5ppb in our assay grade/silver free litharge and fluxes. No other supplier undertakes the rigid QC regime that KLEN has implemented allowing us to offer a global guarantee to our customers.

Gold Free

KLEN International’s quality control systems and processes are world class ensuring gold levels are <1.5ppb in all litharge and fluxes making KLEN flux the perfect choice for low level detection assay work. KLEN International's supply chain management and QA/QC regimes have satisfied the most stringent customer requirements for almost two decades. We are so confident with the quality, WE GUARANTEE IT!

Packaging Configurations

KLEN International offers an array of packaging options to suit your requirements including:
15kg or 20kg UN approved plastic bags packed within ISPM15 approved wooden crates.
20kg or 25kg UN approved plastic or metal pails. These can be flat packed upon request for loading in sea containers.
250kg UN approved open head metal drums with plastic bag liner.
500kg or 1,000kg UN approved bulk bags. These can be packed within an ISPM15 approved wooden crate for export or packed directly onto a pallet for local deliveries.