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Global Supplier of
Fire Assay Consumables and Lab Chemicals
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Fire Assay Fluxes Manufacture

KLEN International specialises in the manufacture of fire assay fluxes, certified reference materials and supply of consumables within the global mining and geochemical assay laboratory market.

Fully Certified Under ISO 9001

With facilities in Perth, USA & Canada, KLEN successfully competes internationally and has become the leading manufacturer of fire assay flux globally.

Global Solutions

In September 2012, KLEN International was acquired by VWR International, LLC. VWR was acquired by Avantor in 2017. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, Avantor is a global solutions provider of laboratory supplies, equipment and services with worldwide sales in excess of USD$6 billion.
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Well Versed In International Markets

Exporting to over 60 countries worldwide, KLEN is well versed in international markets, making KLEN International the perfect choice for all your fire assay requirements.

About KLEN International

Klen International specialises in the manufacture and supply of fire assay fluxes to the mining and geochemical assay laboratory markets worldwide.

Klen International became part of the VWR group based in USA in late 2012. VWR was acquired by Avantor Inc in 2017. Avantor is a major global supplier to the laboratory market.

Klen competes successfully with its national and international competitors and has become the largest manufacturer and supplier of fire assay flux in the world.

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