QA Accreditation

KLEN achieved and has maintained its ISO 9001 certification since June 1994 and in 2018 has also achieved ISO 17034 accreditation for the manufacture of certified reference materials.

KLEN International has adopted a policy of supplying to its customers only those products whose quality will ensure satisfaction to the user.  The product quality is assured by buying only those raw materials meeting very high standards, and the base material, litharge, is triplicate tested to see that it meets very stringent purity standards. In addition the final product is tested by independent laboratories to assure the customer that the product meets with their specification.

As part of the KLEN International commitment to customer service and to match our operating philosophy, the quality of our products and services is built in from the start and continues through all subsequent phases.  This includes the input that comes from the experience and accuracy of those employees associated with making the product or providing the service.

The aim of our Company therefore is to achieve a competitive quality product and maintain customer satisfaction.

To achieve this aim,quality problems are identified and resolved competently, efficiently, safely and economically. We will ensure that no repetition of the quality problem occurs.  The methods employed to maintain such “in-built quality” will be kept continually under review and techniques improved as needed.

The procedures outlined in KLEN’s Quality Manual describe how the Company’s quality system is designed to ensure that customer and statutory requirements are recognised and that consistent control of these requirements is established, implemented and maintained.  The Quality Assurance System is ISO 9001 and conformance to the Quality Assurance System is based on documentary evidence.

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